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Summary of Expertise

Community Development

Project Management




Community Development

  • Training, supervision, evaluation and management of community development activities;
  • Working with local people, helping them to identify local needs and priorities for development using participatory methodologies;
  • Providing practical help and resources for local voluntary/community groups, such as design and production of leaflets, newsletters and posters, etc, as well as practical ICT support;
  • Working with local authorities and NGO staff to help them come to a greater understanding of Community Development through direct work and organising and running workshops;
  • Development of multi-disciplinary partnerships between Statutory and voluntary organisations;
  • Preparation of project reports, budgets and proposals.


Project Management

  • Strategic planning: objective identification and setting.
  • Activity planning, implementation and monitoring.
  • Setting up and implementing administrative systems.
  • Project proposal and report writing.
  • Financial management: development of computer systems for improved efficiency in the setting and monitoring of budgets, and production of accounts.
  • Representations of the programme with funders, national government and at inter-agency meetings.
  • Communications link between projects and HQ line management team;
  • Production of newsletters and publicity material.

Office Programmes

  • Microsoft Expert Master Certificate for MS Word XP.
  • Familiar with Wordperfect and Ami Pro.
  • Microsoft Expert Master Certificate in Excel XP.
  • Familiar with Quattro Pro 7 and Lotus 123.
  • Microsoft Expert Certificate in Access.
  • Microsoft Expert Certificate in PowerPoint.

Database Development

  • Sponsors' and Contact Management Database in MS Access for Clwyd Special Riding Centre (ongoing).
  • Microsoft Expert Certificate in MS Access XP, and familiar with MS Access 2007.
  • Contact Management database for Flintshire Local Voluntary Council, including membership management, meeting room booking and systems for recording the usage of the Printing Resource Centre, generating invoices, and tracking job-sheets.
  • WCVA Working Group to develop internet based Contact Management System ('E-vol') for Welsh County Voluntary Councils
  • Membership Database in MS Access for Friends of the Llangollen International Musical Eisteddfod (ongoing).
  • Equipment tracking and Utilities Management systems for Iceland Frozen Foods (Paradox 5, 1997/98).
  • Warehouse & Transport Management Systems for Rank Allied Leisure (Paradox 7, 1997/98).
  • Development of Personnel and Payroll database using Dataease for Save the Children in Ethiopia and Somaliland (1992/95).
  • Health and Nutritional Surveillance systems in dBase II for the Refugee Settlement Programme, Eastern Sudan (1988/9)
  • Nutritional Surveillance monitoring system in dBase II for Oxfam, Port Sudan (1987).

Programming Experience

I have had considerable programming experience using: Fortran, Basic, dBase II, Dataease, Paradox (PAL), Visual Basic (VBA).

I have also had experience using Javascript and PHP for developing web pages.


  • Microsoft Expert Certificate in PowerPoint.
  • Competent in Adobe Photoshop CS6 - moving up to CC.
  • Digital workflow management using Adobe Photoshop Lightroom.
  • Training FLVC staff and other voluntary organisations to use Photoshop.
  • Developing posters, leaflets, logos and designs for local voluntary organisations in Adobe Illustrator CS3 and Adobe InDesign CS3.
  • MS Publisher 2007.
  • Produce the 'Limelight' newsletter for the Friends of the Llangollen International Musical Eisteddfod using Adobe InDesign.
  • 2001 - 2007: Ran the FLVC Community Printing Resource Project, producing designs for leaflets, pamphlets, booklets and newsletters for local voluntary organisations.

Web Site Development

Web site creation and management using:

HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP/MySQL, Dreamweaver CS3, MS Front Page and Adobe GoLive CS2.

Web sites developed for:

  • FLVC using Adobe GoLive CS2 and Dreamweaver CS3 (2005 - 2009)
  • Flintshire Mental Health Advocacy Services (FMHAS) using the Mr Site system

My own Photography Web Site was developed using PHP/MySQL in Dreamweaver CS3.


  • 2008 - present: Have been running adult education classes for Yale College:
    • Basic Information Technology Skills (BITS)
    • Getting Started Webwise: an introduction to the internet and email
    • Introduction to Digital Photography
    • Introduction to Digital Image Editing with Photoshop Elements
  • NEWCIS (North East Wales Carers Information Service) Flintshire: Introduction to Internet and Email.
  • Introductory course in PhotoShop in Halkyn Village Hall, Flintshire for FLVC Community Learning Programme.
  • Training FLVC volunteers in the use of the Internet to obtain information for clients
  • Training staff at Flintshire Local Voluntary Council in the use of the 'e-vol' contact management database - developed for use by all Welsh Local Voluntary Services.
  • Training FLVC volunteers in the use of the FLVC database for recording resource usage and the production of invoices.
  • Training FLVC volunteers in the use of MS Word and Excel for day-to-day administrative tasks.
  • Three day introduction to ObjectPAL and database development for the Production Engineering Research Association (PERA).
  • On the job training, and workshops, for SCF staff in Ethiopia and Somaliland in DataEase, DBMS, WordPerfect, and Quattro Pro.
  • 5 months with Oxfam Port Sudan training staff in MSDOS, WordStar, dBASE II and Logistics Spreadsheet.


Welcome to my Home Page, which also doubles as my Curriculum Vitae. You can select an aspect of my life from the menu above, and the results will be displayed here. The menu on the left highlights my main areas of expertise.

My main work experience has been in Community Development with particular reference to health, both in this country and overseas.

I am also competent in the use of Information Technology, especially the common word processing, spreadsheet, database and graphics packages, and have gained the Microsoft Expert Certificate for MS Office XP at the Master level.

There is one final string to my bow and that is Photography. I have been a keen photographer for over 30 years, starting with black & white developing and printing, and then moving on to colour slides and cibachrome printing.

I have now fully embraced digital photography, and film is a thing of the past. I have become competent in the use of Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom as well as the Adobe Creative suite of graphic design programmes.

I have undertaken several photographic assignments, mostly related to my other work, but also event and brochure photography for Denbighshire County Council Education Services, Llangollen Interneational Musical EIsteddfod, Local Operatic and Drama societites, and weddings.

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